Launching at the VW Nationals 2014    Monday, May 26, 2014

What a great weekend! On Sunday we travelled to Prairiewood for the VW Nationals where we put our designs on desplay for the world to see. We were not surprisingly a little bit nervous.It's that old designer's paranoia, "What if no one likes what I made?", "What if poeple steal my designs?" "What if I fail?"

We didn't sell truckloads of stuff but we did make some sales and we got loads of great feedback. The main questions being - "When will you do more Kombis?" closely followed by "Will you do kids clothes?"

The answer of course is yes we will! Soon....well by soon I mean sometime this year!

We are really happy with how yesterday went. Our designs are unique - there was nothing remotely like what we do there and lots of people were interested in what we've created.

So thanks to all those who came along on the weekend and saw all those great cars and said hi to us. We had a fun day :)


A Bit About us...    Monday, May 26, 2014

So....a blog...What to say? What to write?

How about I tell you a little but about how we came to be? Earlier this year Pete (my hubby) and I decided that it was high time we did something a little creative. We are already in a creative industry but the majority of what we do is making things for other people from the designs they've created. We wanted to do something that was more about us and our passions.

Our son was turing 10 and begging for a sleep over party so Pete designed him an invitation that had a picture of our 1973 VW Kombi (bus) flying through space. It was kind of comic like and it tied together our love of all things VW and Star Wars. 

After some long nights and lots of fiddly design work, Pete came up with some more designs, ones that combined VW beetles and buses with iconic screen cars. We showed them to a few people and got a pretty good response so we thought maybe there's some other people out there who like this kind of stuff! 

We are launching our design range at the Australian VW Nationals this weeked - Sunday 25th May at The Fairfield City Showground in Prairewood. We would love to see you there - come along and say hi!

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